Coach Jason

About Me

It's safe to say the fitness has always been part of my life. I started playing sports in middle school. In high school, I started competing in Olympic Weightlifting and didn't stop competing until I was 32.

I have been a fitness professional since 2007, since then, I have owned a gym and completed over 10,000 or 11,000 hours of coaching and worked with over 500 clients. During all this, I kept increasing my knowledge, and I'm now a certified Precision Nutrition Coach.

I have always been a coach who practices what he teaches. I've spent my life learning different nutrition practices and habits by studying and applying this diet, that diet, and the other; you know which one I'm talking about! All said and done, I have found that each person is different, and they respond to things differently, it takes time for clients to learn about themselves.

As your coach, and with the tools from Precision Nutrition, I'll provide structure, support, and educate you to not only reach your goals but surpass them. I'll even teach you how to maintain your results.